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Earn FREE Call Credits by Writing and Sharing Inspirational Stories. Click here to see more.

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Earn FREE Call Credits By Writting and Submitting Inspirational Stories

We are always trying to come up with unique ways to have fun and stand out from the rest.  We hope you like this one... 

As a customer of you can visit any of the adviser's public profiles and click the button, Submit a Story When you click on this you will be directed to a page where you can write a story specifically for that Adviser.  The Adviser will receive a notification that you have submitted a story.  Now the adviser can set a price for the story and call our special story recording phone number and record the reading the story.  Once we review and activate it the story will appear on her public profile page and on our main story board located here.

Pretty cool right?  Well it gets better!  Every time a customer calls our story phone number and listens to the story the Adviser that recorded the story gets paid INSTANTLY.  Also because you are the author (don't worry, your name will remain anonymous), you will receive a 20% commission that is instantly added to your account!

You could help others by submitting inspiring stories and earn free credits all at the same time.